Monday Morning Co-op

What a way to begin your week!
Monday Morning Homeschool Co-op!

Planning and meet the Co-op families Sept 11th 10am-12noon

180 Barnardo Ave., Peterborough, ON
2nd Floor, Room 10 (Parking Lot Entrance-fully accessible)

PLUS afternoon time for visiting, special guests and activities

What will we do?
Each week will include:
Language Arts/Music Basics
Outdoor Education/Social Studies

What does it cost?
If a parent stays (Co-op style) to participate
– $50/session to cover the cost of the facility (receipts available)
Drop off options are available for a fee, please PM with any questions. (family rates apply)

Afternoon Plan (noon to 2):
Special Speakers and Teachers on topics such as Library Skills, Public Speaking Skills and others that the group may want as well as field trips could fit here. Extra fees apply for some programs.
Also it will be a time to just be together and visit.

Session 1 September 18th to November 27th (1 week off for Thanksgiving) 10 weeks
Session 2 January 8th to March 26th (off Family Day and March Break week) 10 weeks
Session 3 April 9th to June 18th (off Easter and Victoria Day) 10 weeks
(families are expected to commit to at least one full session)





Jan-Feb 2017 Lines, Angles and Curves Geometry Class 

for ages 6-18.  Creatively learn about protractor use, angles and the artistic use of these tools to create a final project that will wow your family.

Homeschool Soccer Skills Class

Mondays Feb 27th-March 27th from 2-3:30pm

Beginning Monday, February 27 from 2-3:30 and continuing throughout March (that’s 5 weeks) I would like to organize a soccer skills class at the Hastings Field House an indoor facility in Hastings Ontario.

I have two Homeschooled Teens who are experienced Soccer Players and coaches who are available to teach.

The per family rate will depend on the number of families involved but my aim is 5 weeks of Soccer Skills at a rate of $70/family for the full 5 weeks total.

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For more information or payment contact