Hi!  My name is Edna Latone.

I'm here to help others with their educational journey and to help those around them understand their choices.  I firmly believe that every person has great worth (thank you John and Danny for teaching me this)!  What I love to do is to help others use the tools available to them to reach their full potential.  I truly believe that a great education teaches you to love learning and to love yourself.

I'm available to help with:

  • Homeschool Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Accountability Partnering

I also support businesses and organizations to reach out to the Home Educating community by offering

  • "Homeschool Friendly" Certification
  • Website and Programming Consultation to help you reach the Homeschool community.

To Homeschool Groups I offer

Public speaking on:

  • Inspiring Learning at Your Public Library

Take a look at Public Library Services and Resources from the eyes of a veteran Homeschooler and Library CEO.  Learn how to use these services to your best advantage and utilize all that Public Libraries have to offer.

  • Inspiring Family Beyond the Homeschooling Years

Are you nearing the end of your home education years?  Is your family transitioning to other modes of education?  Learn how to maintain family unity and grow into the next stage in life.  I share practical insights into managing this transition with grace and how the homeschool community can support and utilize the skills of seasoned home educators.

Not only am I a seasoned Homeschooler but I am also a Public Librarian.  Now before you label me as Super Mom...I will tell you that I too have piles of laundry and dishes to wash and that each day brings new challenges as John and I raise our family of four (five if you count our beautiful dog).  We affectionately call this life, "The Adventures of John and Edna".

Contact me today at ednashomeschoolhelp@gmail.com


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